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god this maze is so big.. i tried drawing a map but oh man after spending like 15 mins feeling like im getting nowhere and not sure if i was doing anything right or not.. im sorry im giving up... oh no! i love the idea and the first room.. but oh man i despair


15 minutes ??? i'm flattered.

If you wanna give it another try you should check the hint i uploaded!

i've tried figuring out how the read the hint but im having no luck :| having my old notes i made and then comparing to the map or even just trying in the game... i'm still not getting it :( sorry


Oh no! I made a too hard game! ...Thanks for playing anyway

its a cool game but way too hard >x<;; i feel bad bc you put so much effort into it :|


Wow, this maze is huge!

...That's why i recommend drawing your own map. Maybe it needs more clues...