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I love this! The top-down 3D look is so cool and the cat chaos is great :D

Thank you for playing!


Fantastic! Great use of the environment! Love the ending also :3 Great work! 

Thank you!


this is great, I love how you've managed to make the environment so interactive. And it's spot-on cat mischief!

Thanks for the links too!

Yep that's just what they do... if you don't consider "out of the litter" things :)


Classic Whiskers...


Whoa, the art style is super cool!

Thank you! It's been a while since i thought about using isometric tiles.


omg this is fantastic!!! i laughed so hard at the antics.. tho god i would tear my hair out if my cats got up to as much stuff as this cat did :|


That's why they need a walk outside sometimes :D


oh yeah one of my cats legit like growls at me and hisses when she's too wound up and hasnt been let outside >.<;; (she doesn't rly hiss at my parents much.. guess she sees me as an equal lmao)

hahaha this turned out great! sorry about your music troubles!

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Yeah "sounds" like i won't be able to fix it :/
Always want to add more! ...and that's what i get in the end.

Edit: fixed!