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Beautifully told story!

Thank you for playing!


Nice to see a game which is based on real events! I loved the different interactions with the painting (especially creating it) and was surprised how easily it was erased. Definitely learnt something by that, so thanks! :) I included it in our compilation article about this episode of the Bitsy Jam and it's also featured in the related showcase video along with three other nice entries. <3 Keep up the good work!

Best wishes,

Wow, thanks for the feature! Glad you enjoyed it.

Absolutely, thank you as well! Looking forward to your new games. :)


I love that you picked this story and I love your approach to telling it.  Very very nice work.

Thank you! The archaeology theme was such an occasion to tell it.


nice game! i really love the cave drawing :D


Based on the real ones!

(Which are now only reproductions, obviously...)


that's really cool! your game does say its a true story so thats pretty sad..

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What's sad is that in 1977 Jean Clottes (who studied these drawings) warned people about the degradations, but didn't know what to do about it. Had someone put a grill at the entrance or a frame around the drawings, it would have excite curiosity. Back in the days there was no reglementations around caves... So basically anyone willing to could enter and draw whatever they want on walls. Sorry for the long post!

no thats alright this is super interesting and very disheartening :|