Entry for June 2018 "Space Whales" #bitsyjam

This whole story is a very free reinterpretation of the book of Jonah. I tried to stick to the story but skipped a lot of passages. I hope no one will feel offended.

Warning : contains God impersonation

Music inspired by Biosphere. Speakers on!

Thanks to all the people from Bitsy Discord community


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This is good! I loved God's representation
"Something fishy about this cave" made me laugh so hard, idk why

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Thanks! The whole "fishy" thing is what Jonah deserves from disobeying... Guess it's a double pun.


Ohhh this is so good!!!!!! I love the vignette look you gave it!!

Thank you!


i love this!! the maze was great too! i feel like i kno it inside out now... i found all the hints but still took me forever to figure it out... even though i was so close to it all the time lmao

anyway love the game! love the art in the beginning and just your take on the whole bible story :D

I was short on time, so the maze is only 4 screens... I don't know how it feels to play it though


the maze is great!!!! i just sort of kept misunderstanding the most important hint xD the fact that it was just 4 screens was really good! it felt really cool to like walk around and see how they connected to each other!